Ruth's House


Repair Updates

Thanks to your generosity we completed several repairs from the funds raised in the “Fund a Need” portion of the 2019 Hearts Gala. Our over 100 year-old house is looking better. Now we are looking to stretch the funds raised at the 2020 Gala to cover these needed repairs:

  • Replacing  the historic columns that support the front porch roof and the third floor front room
  • Fixing the sewer issue that has caused backups in the basement
  • Replacing the carpet on the 3rd floor playroom and resident rooms (15 years of hard wear)
  • Repaving the driveway
  • Renovating the third floor bathroom
  • Updating the telephone system

Dining Room Floor Replaceddining room floor

Laundry Room Floor Replaced
Laundry Floor

New Toilet in Third Floor Bathroom

Third Floor Bathroom Repairs Still Needed

Boiler Motor Replaced

New Ceiling in Third Floor Sensory Room

Third Floor Sensory Room Repainted

Carleton College VolunteersThe Carleton College Volunteers painted our 3rd floor sensory room area in a beautiful hydrangea blue.  Shown here: Catalina Alvarez-Ruiz, Maya Hilty, Amida McNulty, Max Goldberg, Anna Hori, and Katie Babbit.  Thank you for all you do for the residents at Ruth’s House!

Fire Escape Rebuilt

We want to thank River Valley Church and John Streiff for the amazing work they did helping us to rebuild our fire escape. We are so thankful to have an amazing community of volunteers andphoto of stairs supporters.

New Exterior Doors SideEntryDoorInstalled

Thanks to the generous donors from our 2018 Gala and a matching grant from the Open Your Heart Foundation, we were able to install new doors for our shelter home.  These doors help provide safety to our residents.  Thank you to John Streiff for the installation performed.

New Windows Installed

We are excited to share that the new windows have been installed at Ruth’s House and look amazing! This is a huge step in ensuring that our residents have a safe place to call home. It is vital to the safety of residents that we replaced the old doors and windows with new, more efficient ones that work properly. We want to say a big THANK YOU to Sammon Home Improvement for installing the new windows for us!

The new windows were made possible with your support! Thank you for believing in our mission: Empowering Lives, offering hope through transitional housing and support.New windows

Leaded Glass Over Doors Being Replaced

Another window project, out leaded glass windows above the doors are being repaired by Cathedral Crafts in large part from a grant provided the local DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) chapter.

The new and repaired windows were made possible with your support! Thank you for believing in our mission: Empowering Lives, offering hope through transitional housing and support.Leaded glass window repair

Thanks to your generosity many of the most needed repairs were completed from the funds raised in the “Fund a Need” portion of the 2017 Hearts Gala. Our over 100 year-old house is looking better.

photo of new roof and landscaping

The BIG Repair–The Roof Replaced

With the money raised under “Fund a Need” at the 2017 Ruth’s House Gala we were finally able to replace our aging and leaking roof. Every roof area on the house was replaced–main roof, front porch roof, side portico roof, and the flat roof sections. Enjoy the “drone” view of the new roof and landscaping! What you can’t see in the photo is the new roof on the children’s playhouse–a project completed by some of our loyal volunteers.


Gutter Helmet

New Gutters with Gutter Helmet Guards

Once the new roof was in place all of the gutters were replaced and fitted with Gutter Helmet guards. This improvement should keep water away from the foundation (along with the new landscaping). The Gutter Helmet guards minimize the need for cleaning the gutters on the house, many of which are nearly four stories from ground level.

New Landscaping

New Walkway and Landscaping

Our new walkway and new landscaping will help keep our basement dry and for a house that is over 100 years-old we really need to protect our foundation.

Third Floor Paint

Repainted Third Floor Commons Room
Volunteers repainted the 3rd floor commons room, which suffered damage from the leaking roof. Several areas of the ceiling had to be repaired before the bright paint was applied. Along with the living room on the main floor this room is used by our families to relax and play together beyond the confines of the room each family is allotted for their personal items.


2nd floor bathroom photo

Renovated Second Floor Bathroom

No more plywood over the hole in the floor of the missing toilet! Now the residents of the second floor share a gleaming new bathroom with a tub/shower combination (previous bathroom did not have a tub), two working toilets, a shower stall, and a spacious new vanity. That’s two bathrooms done and one to go. The bathroom on the third floor shared by several families is still on the list of needed repairs.

Fire sprinkler head photo

New Sprinkler Heads 

Updates to the house focused on safety needs too. ALL of the fire sprinkler heads on ALL four floors of the house were replaced and checked.

light bulb photo

Updated Lighting on the Third Floor

When you climb the steps to the Third Floor you emerge in the Big Commons Room. From it several doors open into bedrooms for a few of our families and into the single bathroom on that floor (tub, sink, toilet). The only natural light in the Commons Room enters through the window in the emergency exit door so it was important to brighten up this space with safe, permanent lighting.

electrical wiring photo

Updated Wiring

The budget did not allow rewiring the whole house so we prioritized sections on the second and third floors that needed it most.