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Past Volunteer Spotlights

Remy Lloyd

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Remy Lloyd is our volunteer spotlight this month. She is a long term childcare volunteer at Ruth's House. The kids love to hang out with her! She supports our mission and provides a wonderful service to the moms and kids at the house. She surely makes a difference!

Remy shares:
I'm currently a junior at Faribault High School. I play soccer and run track. I'm involved in Science Team, Math team, Student Council, and Honor Society. I've volunteered at Ruth's House since last spring but had to decrease my hours because of sports and activities. I'm very excited to get back into the swing of things!

I volunteer at Ruth's house to give back to and make a difference in this community.

My mom is a daycare provider, so I've always been around younger children. When I heard about the opportunity to volunteer at Ruth's House I was ecstatic; it was a great chance for me to get out into the community and help others. It's so much fun to see the kids grow up over the time that I've been there. They have truly made a difference in my life and the way I look at the world!

Michelle Simpson

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Michelle Simpson is our volunteer spotlight this month. She has volunteered for childcare and most recently hosted an interview skills class. The residents learned many new tips to take to their next interview. Thank you Michelle for your kind heart!

Michelle writes: I was really excited to learn of Ruth's House. I moved to Faribault a few years ago and had been looking for a way to become involved in the community. Ruth's house mission is near and dear to my heart. I am a social worker by trade, I have worked in welfare and in mental health; my current work is not in a direct care capacity and that’s another reason I enjoy my time so much at Ruth’s house.

I met Suzzanne and toured the house this Spring and was instantly hooked. The staff and families are kind and very welcoming. A lot of my interactions so far have been with the kids and my do they have a lot of energy! Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a full day at Ruth's house and had the chance to play with the kids, clean the 1st floor and lead a job interviewing skills group.

I used to work as an Employment Counselor in St. Paul with young adults (18-21) on public assistance. The last time I was at Ruth's house I spent time with a group of young adults and we talked about resumes, job applications, and interview questions. We played a game where we put the top 10 job interview questions in a jar, answered them and the winners got treats.

I'm still new to my journey as a volunteer with Ruth's House and I look forward to finding other ways I can contribute to such a wonderful safe haven for our sisters and children in our community in need of safe housing.

Kameron Gustafson

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Kameron Gustafson is our volunteer spotlight this month. The staff and residents look forward to seeing her as she brings her positive attitude and warmth to the house along with food deliveries! Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in the lives of so many at Ruth's House!

Kameron writes:
My husband Matt and I have both been involved in a few different areas with Ruth's House for the past couple of years. He has been on the annual gala committee and I have been delivering food on Mondays when needed and have also been able to make some furniture donations through my place of employment (Noble RV of Owatonna) so that has been great to be able to do as well.

I was born and raised in Faribault and graduated from Faribault High School in 2007. I spent a few years living in Northfield after graduation but moved back to Faribault in 2012. Matt and I were married in August of 2015. We have one son, Rylan, who will be turning 10 this fall and we are very excited to welcome our first child together this coming March! (St Patrick's Day - 2018)

I volunteer at Ruth's house because it is a great way to make a positive impact on other people's lives. I have a ton of respect for every volunteer and employee at Ruth's house and the hard work that they put in for those that have come to live there. I look forward to continuing to volunteer and seeing what other areas I may be able to get involved with in the future.

Patricia Peterson

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Patricia Peterson volunteers at our Outreach Office at Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church. She has been instrumental in assisting staff with various administrative tasks such as data entry. During Gala season she came in weekly to update and maintain the Gala RSVP list, to help organize the wine wall donations, and to enter the Gala auction items and other donations into our data management system.

Patricia writes:
I initially became involved with Ruth’s House through our church’s women’s organization. I became the liaison, coordinating Ruth’s House needs with what our congregation could do to help meet some of those needs. After working with the staff and other volunteers it was an easy decision to become more involved and contribute to an organization that provides so many things for those who are not as blessed or fortunate as I am.

I am recently retired and spent the last 34 years of my career in the fishing industry. Now I have free time to fish!! In addition to fishing and boating, I enjoy spending time with grandchildren, paddle boarding, working in the yard, quilting with our church group, socializing with friends and reading.

Patricia is a wonderful support to Ruth's House in many ways. She is an amazing, caring, person and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our community of volunteers.

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