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Roger started volunteering with Ruth's House last spring. Roger has been volunteering with organizations since 1986. In an article he was interviewed for in 1989 he stated that he'd like to make volunteer work his avocation for retirement. He's done exactly just that, "You can't measure the gratification you get when you see the smile on the faces of those...people", says Roger, "If it wasn't for volunteers, we wouldn't be able to meet the needs of our communities".

Roger enjoys being a handyman, landscaping, running, and enjoys working in his workshop. Shortly after volunteering with Ruth's House, Roger came to us with an idea of moving the picnic table into a shaded area on the lawn & designed this beautiful space for residents to enjoy.

Carleton College Volunteers

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We are proud to spotlight the Carleton College Volunteers this month. They provide respite for the moms each Sunday by providing childcare. They also help out with projects as requested. This Spring they painted our 3rd floor sensory room area in a beautiful hydrangea blue. Shown here: Catalina Alvarez-Ruiz, Maya Hilty, Amida McNulty, Max Goldberg, Anna Hori, and Katie Babbit. Thank you for all you do for the residents at Ruth's House!

John Streiff

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Our volunteer spotlight this month is on John Streiff. John has helped out as a contractor, including numerous times on a volunteer basis. He completely gutted and remodeled our 2nd-floor bathroom, replaced our doors, and repaired our ceiling in the entryway as well as the ceiling in the laundry room. Other repairs include replacing the flooring in our dining room and laundry room.

John is also a member of our Building Committee. We are blessed that he's always just a phone call away and willing to help out as he is available. We are grateful to John and all his help!
John shares:
I am just a normal regular person. If anything, something that would make me "special" would be my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ - my inspiration! I can only try to give as He gave.

Volunteering at Ruth's House has much to do with the awesome people there - staff, women, and kids. I hope that I am setting a good example. Through these relationships, my "rewards" are much more than I give!

As I journey through this life, I have come to realize the only thing that really matters on this earth are the friends we leave behind. Relationships; God's love for us, and ours for each other, really does make the world go around! God bless all the families that pass through and all those that make it possible!

Paul Kelm

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This month's Volunteer Spotlight is Paul Kelm. Paul grew up in Faribault and has lived here most of his life. He is self-employed with a printed forms business and also manages the commercial properties he owns with his wife.

Paul is a wonderful volunteer and among other tasks, he has been a tremendous help this long winter helping to keep our driveways snowplowed so that our residents and staff could get in and out safely. Thank you Paul!

Paul truly enjoys volunteering at Ruth's House and believes and supports their mission of providing help and hope for women and children in crisis. Paul shares, "The work Ruth's House does fills a vital need in Rice County which is evidenced by their continued growth since 2003."

Paul says he is thankful for the opportunity to volunteer at Ruth’s House and encourages others to lend a hand.

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