Ruth's House


Our Staff

Support is the most important thing we offer at Ruth’s House. 24 hours a day, our dedicated staff and trained volunteers offer crucial support to women in times of crisis.


Ruth Hickey
Executive Director

Brooke V.
Operations and Communications Manager

Meghan S.
Program Manager

Suzzanne F.
Outreach Coordinator

Amy D.
Manager of Client Services

Nicole L.
SHP Case Manager


Casi C.
Development Specialist

Melissa W.
Lead Family Advocate

Kathy V.
Family Advocate

Sherri S.
Family Advocate

Angie H.
Family Advocate

Kathleen W.
On Call Family Advocate

“The staff has been with me every step of my journey. When the rug was pulled out from under me at different times and I thought I couldn’t go on, they helped me find my strength, they gave me a candle to help light the dark…. Ruth’s House doesn’t just offer a safe place to live, they offer hope.”